Kik Messenger for IOS

Kik Messenger offers the useful properties that are not found in all messengers, such as a web browser and display status. You like its functionality but not the rather lengthy account creation process.

Type but feature-rich free: A cross-platform app, kik for mac provides all the chatting features you would expect, allowing you to share photos, sketches and websites. Its smooth power and small file size make it a good choice for older iPhones.

Display Status: The app lets you know if an ad has already been delivered (indicated by the letter D on a check mark) or been read (R on a check mark). Ads can also be sent, while the receiver is indirect.

Built-in web browser: The basic browser the app works well enough and even has favorites, but do not expect to have Java or Flash elements run on it.

Con man

Relatively difficult Account Creation: Compared with the direct process of creating an account offered by most mobile couriers, process orientation of this app seems to the old school and required a user name, display name and password. If you have become accustomed to validation code and phone number-based account creation, you can find sign-up process of this app is a little tedious, especially if all user names that you are trying to use is already taken.

No log outtaste: Use a different Kik Messenger account, you must lose all of your call history “RESET” the APP, the agent. A quick way to log out and should be inserted inside.

End result

Kik Messenger is the totally free, crazy fast cross-platform messenger app that allows you to communicate in real time with your friends. Use Kik to chat, share pictures on private way to plan group trips and to stay in touch with the people who matter most to you. You will fall in love with Kik Messenger. And here is why: There is no doubt the fastest and most realistic chat experience for your smartphone. Instant alerts when a message is sent, received or read was. Photo sharing – sharing on private way live moments or pictures from your gallery. Group Chat – create groups on the fly, by easily add friends to conversations. Absolutely free, no charges for messages, and no advertising. Beautiful appearance and uniform operation, offline messages, push notifications, and more!

Try Kik out today and see what they’re missing! :) – What our users say: This app raises texting to a whole new level! The fastest and most reliable chat app. I love, love, love you! The best messenger ever! – What the press says: Its speed is what sets him apart from the competition – TechCrunch.

- Push privacy setting – simplified interface – Block without notifications – further speed improvements – translated versions in Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese


bbm-logo-squareBlackBerry Messenger (BBM), which claims 85 million users worldwide, leaves the beta for its Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 declination.

BlackBerry is heading for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 with its famous messaging service BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) now available for free on the mobile platform. In fact, the service exits beta version 1.01 for adoption, according to a blog contribution on 15 August.

The application is available for three mobile OS (plus BlackBerry OS) with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. BBM This version differs from others by being fully integrated into Windows Phone.

While versions for iOS and Android are very faithful to the original version for BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone Version and takes advantage of the Modern UI interface. It revolves around three windows (cats, feeds and contacts) that are accessed by sliding your finger horizontally across the screen. For cats, you can even pin a conversation that appears on the home page as a tile and can be moved on it.

A synonym integration simplicity and ergonomics: what also create a line with that of the Windows Phone OS user experience. It is also the path that should be taken in the future BBM on PC and Android to suit updates.

As a reminder, BBM is an instant messaging available free for initiating conversations or group with one person. Contacts are added by calling a PIN BBID (or QR Code) code, which avoids to specify the phone number or email address.

Note that this version of BBM includes conversations (cats) but not yet free calls (BBM Voice), channels (Channels BBM) for taking part in discussions on various themes, stickers (emoticons) and location sharing via Glympse.

Features that will happen in the future in connection with future updates. BlackBerry was also stepwise process for BBM on iOS and Android applications that have benefited from BBM Voice, file sharing and location (by integrating Glympse application) with contacts in real time on a predefined time, that in February 2014 (when these versions were launched in the fall of 2013).

BlackBerry: “BBM’s popularity continues to grow”

The Canadian company, based in Waterloo, pursuing its strategy of opening in which it is committed to offset its difficulties on the market of smartphones. A strategy that pushes BlackBerry to promote the market for enterprise solutions but also to play the card of its flagship consumer services, BBM in mind.

The company is pragmatic BBM adapting to the most used mobile platforms. If iOS and Android are inevitable, Windows Phone can not possibly be ignored.

To celebrate the launch of the public beta of BBM for Windows Phone, John Sims, president of BlackBerry Enterprise Global Services, and said in a statement: “As the popularity of BBM continues to grow, we are delighted to have the opportunity to expand its availability to the Windows Phone community. The BBM app for Windows Phone demonstrates our commitment to support the cross-platform capabilities and we are excited to work with Microsoft to deliver a new level of collaboration to the Windows Phone platform. ”

BBM claims 85 million active users per month worldwide.

Android most downloaded applications in September

0124-innovation-capplife_full_600Facebook is still the most downloaded by users of Android smartphones in September program, according to the latest report from Distimo .

Compared with August, only one change has occurred in the top 5 free apps established by the specialist analysis of mobile data. Skype made ??its debut in the ranking (5th), instead of Facebook Messenger. The first four do not change.

The top 5 most downloaded free apps:

As for paid apps, utility programs are always the most successful. Distimo stresses however the rise of the latest racing game from Gameloft: Asphalt 8 Airborne (6th in the ranking ).

The top 5 most downloaded paid apps:

  • Swiftkey Keyboard
  • Minecraft
  • Titanium Backup
  • Nova Launcher Prime
  • Poweramp Full Version

Distimo also want to take stock of the revenues generated by the various app stores in the major countries of the world. In September, the Apple App Store (for iPhone) is still way ahead with 65% market share, against 35% for Google Play . Still, the trend is catching on the side of Android in recent months.

Real Racing 3 Reviews

real_racing3_8“The intense racing game with real circuits.”

The application has not yet detailed description, however the team has assigned to it a score of 8/10 This note is based on the following criteria: Quality, Usefulness, Ease of Use, Privacy Concerns User data (depending on permissions requested).

The app is compatible from version 2.3.3 of Android. Any OS version suppérieure will be in charge.

Its weight is light enough, less than ten megabytes (MB exactly 7) are required to save to their device and use it.

Its number of downloads in the Android Market (Google Play) makes it an indispensable application. More than five million people already use. Do not hesitate to get it back. Any device (smartphone or tablet) must possess.

User reviews:

The game is really well against by the Free to Play system in place is downright shameful. In app purchases to 1 or 3? for progress in the game agree .. But real it is 4? 99 (for almost nothing) to 89? 99 .. Too bad it could have been good. That is one of the reasons I use the Real Racing Hack

I’m at lvl 17 now and the game is the best I’ve tested. If only the driving mode of rr3 arrow could be added nfs MW

after the last update, have to redownload almost 500 MB, my car buying disappeared … pity because good game, fluid on Galaxy Note 2 There is someone to answer?

a very good game with nice challenges, having said that it lacks the recognition of native joystick ps3, have to go through sixaxis controller to emulate the touch, and a bunch of cars, and also when snow rally challenges and earth

Arrived at a certain level, you do need to buy packs to progress. 1 stroke = 1 = minimum revision 1:00 waiting if you do not want to pay. His can become a free game that can quickly cost a fortune

Snapchat for Android

131129-socialskim-snapchat“This message destroys itself in a few seconds.” The of spy movies like Mission Impossible principle has become known place with Snapchat now also feed on your Android devices. With Snapchat you can send photos to friends. In contrast to the normal shipping these images are visible only a few seconds and then destroy themselves, or be automatically canceled. Actually …

Because with some know-how you can the principle of Snapchat outwit and save the photos so, or already stored will find on your Android device. The principle of self-destructive Photo has the reputation of a Snapchat Sexting introduced App.

Send embarrassing or funny pictures and videos with Snapchat

With Snapchat for pc can you funny, funny, strange, or embarrassing capturing images, where appropriate, equip it with a small piece of text and then to smartphones, or send your friends Android tablets. Unlike other instant messaging apps like Whatsapp , the images are deleted after a preset time (from three to ten seconds) again. In addition to photos you can moreover send 15 videos.

Self-destructing photos with Snapchat? Not quite!

So you can send the ephemeral images, must your counterpart, the app also installed. For a description of potential text leaves very little space. More than a sentence is not in it. In addition, you should make sure that your Snapchat user name does not fall into the wrong hands. Again and again use perverts the app to send the naked truth on smartphones and tablets unsuspecting users.

Although Snapchat advertises that images are deleted after a short time, you can work around this, however. So it is easily possible, a screenshot to create the currently displayed screen. Although the photo station will be informed at very embarrassing facts is, however, too late. In addition, the images are stored on the Android device. With knowledge about the folder structure so revealing photos or videos can be quickly brought to light again. So watch out when using Snapchat on whom you send that content to avoid a rude awakening.

Tumblr: This network hide your kids you!

a74aebf8-f907-4bf2-9aa6-c6b39f2ecd07In Germany Tumblr counts so far to the less well-known social networks. It has taken over in 2013 for 1.1 billion dollars Yahoo. What exactly paid Yahoo this princely sum? Tumblr comprises approximately 185 million blogs with a total of over 83 billion blog posts, which currently whopping 91 million a day to come. About half of the users are younger than 25 years. This is also one of the reasons the acquisition is expected to be through Yahoo, because their users are on average significantly older.

Network without parents

Tumblr has, especially by younger users increasingly become the alternative to Facebook. Because now even most parents, teachers or co-workers and bosses on Facebook are younger also use the Tumblr as a retreat. They take Tumblr despite the fact that almost all blogs are public, private as true. What at first sounds paradoxical, can be readily explained. While at Facebook, most are signed with real names, on Tumblr the use of nicknames is quite normal. To find the blog of a particular user, so you have to know his alias.

What exactly is Tumblr?

Tumblr is simply put a mix of Facebook, Twitter and blogs classic dar. Each user has its own page, which he fills like a blog with content. Here, text, photos, videos or audio recordings with very little effort into their own contributions can install. From the variety of possibilities arises a wild mixture of the absurd, witty, personal and thoughtful that develops a charm of its own. A special Tumblrs is that it immediately plays back the moving image files in GIF format when you open the page, so here more than in other networks can be used. The blog wtf album cover added about the motives of plates cover art in motion.


Do you blog?

Although you can browse on Tumblr even without your own blog, it is worthwhile to create one – even if you do not want to actively blogging. Because you can follow after registration each blog and get their latest posts on the “Dashboard” called Home. As with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will provide you with a hashtag Posts and thus make them for finding discoverable. Therefore, please use the search first to fill your dashboard with exciting blogs. Since Tumblr as yet is largely unknown in Germany, it is unfortunately difficult to find exciting German blogs. Search for in accordance with German keywords. Many of the content is understood, however, even across language barriers.

Distribute content

Much like Twitter and Facebook allow Tumblr to share entries (“Reblog”) and to evaluate them positively (“as favorite Mark”). While Facebook is the sharing of other content ranks rather behind their own contributions, to share the content on Tumblr is very important. By Reblog to Posts distribute even faster than Twitter, as Yahoo Labs study shows. Therefore, there are many blogs on Tumblr that only the content of other Reblog.

Without comment

Tumblr has no comment feature, as you know from Facebook. Instead, each post depends a category called notes (in English “Notes”) to, in which it is seen was of what users of the postal divided and favors. Since Tumblr only allows comments in the form of additives at a Reblog, you will also, where appropriate, held discussions on a post. However, because you always have to continue to follow the notes to track a discussion, this form of interaction on Tumblr is cumbersome and rather unusual.