Tumblr: This network hide your kids you!

a74aebf8-f907-4bf2-9aa6-c6b39f2ecd07In Germany Tumblr counts so far to the less well-known social networks. It has taken over in 2013 for 1.1 billion dollars Yahoo. What exactly paid Yahoo this princely sum? Tumblr comprises approximately 185 million blogs with a total of over 83 billion blog posts, which currently whopping 91 million a day to come. About half of the users are younger than 25 years. This is also one of the reasons the acquisition is expected to be through Yahoo, because their users are on average significantly older.

Network without parents

Tumblr has, especially by younger users increasingly become the alternative to Facebook. Because now even most parents, teachers or co-workers and bosses on Facebook are younger also use the Tumblr as a retreat. They take Tumblr despite the fact that almost all blogs are public, private as true. What at first sounds paradoxical, can be readily explained. While at Facebook, most are signed with real names, on Tumblr the use of nicknames is quite normal. To find the blog of a particular user, so you have to know his alias.

What exactly is Tumblr?

Tumblr is simply put a mix of Facebook, Twitter and blogs classic dar. Each user has its own page, which he fills like a blog with content. Here, text, photos, videos or audio recordings with very little effort into their own contributions can install. From the variety of possibilities arises a wild mixture of the absurd, witty, personal and thoughtful that develops a charm of its own. A special Tumblrs is that it immediately plays back the moving image files in GIF format when you open the page, so here more than in other networks can be used. The blog wtf album cover added about the motives of plates cover art in motion.


Do you blog?

Although you can browse on Tumblr even without your own blog, it is worthwhile to create one – even if you do not want to actively blogging. Because you can follow after registration each blog and get their latest posts on the “Dashboard” called Home. As with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will provide you with a hashtag Posts and thus make them for finding discoverable. Therefore, please use the search first to fill your dashboard with exciting blogs. Since Tumblr as yet is largely unknown in Germany, it is unfortunately difficult to find exciting German blogs. Search for in accordance with German keywords. Many of the content is understood, however, even across language barriers.

Distribute content

Much like Twitter and Facebook allow Tumblr to share entries (“Reblog”) and to evaluate them positively (“as favorite Mark”). While Facebook is the sharing of other content ranks rather behind their own contributions, to share the content on Tumblr is very important. By Reblog to Posts distribute even faster than Twitter, as Yahoo Labs study shows. Therefore, there are many blogs on Tumblr that only the content of other Reblog.

Without comment

Tumblr has no comment feature, as you know from Facebook. Instead, each post depends a category called notes (in English “Notes”) to, in which it is seen was of what users of the postal divided and favors. Since Tumblr only allows comments in the form of additives at a Reblog, you will also, where appropriate, held discussions on a post. However, because you always have to continue to follow the notes to track a discussion, this form of interaction on Tumblr is cumbersome and rather unusual.